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Clapping Pushup


Plyometrics are a difficult group of exercises to teach for one reason. Fear. People do not want to crash and burn. Yet plyometrics put our body in the air only to be a pawn to the almigthy force of gravity. But by going on this calisthenic journey , you want to conquer gravity. The best way to start is clapping pushups. We have all seen it before in Rocky how he utilizes clapping pushups as part of his exercise routine. Clapping pushups benefit the body by activating the twitch muscles or the muscles primarily in charge of your reflexes. With all my tutorials focusing on proper form and a slwer cadence, clapping pushups help break the norm by allowing hell even requiring fast movements. Also anyone who does them automatically will impress people as it shows a level of dedication and courage. So embark on the journey to master the art of plyometrics.


The clapping pushup requires both a lack of fear as well as true pushing power from the pecs. First of all you have to get into the pushup position and descend your body until your chest is about a fist away from the floor. I suggest doing the negative portion in a slow manner only because when you do have to spring up to clap you will rely on you triceps and pecs rather than momentum. By reducing momentum your muscles will thank you by growing stronger and helping you reach your goals. Once you are a fist away from the floor, push away from the floor with greater force to the point where your body is off of the ground. In that moment put your hands together, clap, and continue to impress your friends.


The progression deals with two obstacles to overcome.
The first one is fear. In order to get over your fear of crashing on the floor first do regular pushups. When you are feeling strong enough do bouncing pushups where you push off of the ground but do not clap. Afterwards put a pillow or some kind of soft material near your face. If you have this cushion your mind will ease the fear knowing that your face will not be as damaged. The fear will diminish as you become stronger but one of the things that you have to do is attempt your first clap pushup. Once you feel strong enough take a chance and most likely you will have built the strength to complete it.
Now for the strength aspect. First you should be able to do pushups. I am talking about rigorous almost military like pushups. Then I suggest moving on to decline pushups or pushups with your feet elevated to strengthen the shoulders and rotator cuffs from the shock. Also it would not hurt to do some knucle pushups to strengthen the wrists. Calsithenics is all about strengthening the joints so make sure your joints and tendons are strong enough to absorb shock. After the preliminary training, start with some jumping pushups. Once you feel comfortable with the hieight you are achieving attempt to move your hands closer while in the air. This movement will slowly build muscle memory until your body has the strength and the confidence to rep out clapping pushups with ease.

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