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Handstand Pushup


Imagine how strong your legs must be in order to support your own bodyweight 24/7. Why not give them a well deserved rest by placing your whole body inverted through handstand pushups. Handstand pushups allow for the shoulders to finally feel the brunt of the work in a safe environment. The shoulders would be supporting 100% of the body weight in this exercise. Handstands allow the shoulders to press weight in a natural manner rather than having to lift weights above your head. The shoulders will thank you for protecting the rotator cuff by rounding out and giving the broad shoulders that pronounce your strength.


The best way to get the shoulders in shape is by first inverting your body. Once you are in the handstand position, gently lower your body until the head touches the floor. Do not slam your head into the floor. No one wants to break their skull by accident. As soon as the tips of your hair feel the floor then continue to press your body against gravity until your arms are extended. Try not to flare out your elbows since it causes the rotator cuffs to be in danger. The best way is to have your elbows bend the same way as a pushup in order to protect your rotator cuff as well as improve your form for a free handstand pushup.


The handstand pushup is an intermediate move in terms of difficulty. I suggest first getting your body used to the feeling of inversion by performing headstands. You should not place all the weight on your head and instead focus trying to place more weight on your hands. Then your body will be able to adapt to the added stress on your hands. After you feel comfortable then mix in some crow stands to improve the wrists as well as get used to your arms carrying the weight. A progression chart for the perfect handstand will be placed later here.

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