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The squat has always been a part of every bodybuilder's leg routine. From India to Rome to the United States the squat has been regarded as the king of all leg exercises. Wrestlers in 200 A.D Rome squat in order to generate the power necessary to lift their opponents and pin them to the ground. Warriors in India viewed the squat as a way to have a better feeling of stability as well as power flowing from the earth. Though the squat is only a unilateral exercise, it still has the ability to give your quads a workout. Most people decide to add weight to their squats but even the humble bodyweight squat can cause your legs to immediately beef up.
Everyone knows that leg day is regarded as boring because it does not make us look powerful, but most of our power comes from our legs and hips. This is due to simple mechanics. When we want to create a powerful punch we twist our leg that causes a twist in the hip and the torque generated from the leg would create a devastating punch. Also your legs are naturally 3 times stronger than your arms since it carries the body all the time. We all want to generate more power but most people want to do it through their upper body. However the easiest way is to beef up the legs through the king of leg exercises. In order to generate true power one should stop focusing on that next back or chest day and look forward to leg day. So what are you waiting for get squatting!


The squat is the king of leg exercises because it is so simple. The squat only requires your body and gravity. First keep your legs at shoulder width. Gently squat down trying to keep your back straight and your feet planted on the ground. When the back of your calves touch the back of your upper legs gently begin to rise into the neutral position. In order to have better sense of balance make sure you keep your hands in front of you. If your hands are placed behind your head then your balance will be from your legs alone. This is called the prisoner squat for some reason. The squat itself is not a difficult movement but the technique truly makes or breaks this exercise.


The difficulty of the squat lies with the technique. Your body wants to make the move as easy as possible and the way to do that is to lift up your calves. If the squat seems too difficult, you can take some weight off of your legs by holding on to a desk or a chair. The desk and chair will take the weight off of your legs. Another way to decrease the difficulty is to decrease the range of motion. However do not take the weight off of your heels because it will only result in a bad habit and worse form. Take your time to perform a squat with proper form and your legs will be able to adjust and grow from it.

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