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Routines by StreetBarz

Insane Cardio cardio advanced
Fat Removal cardio beginner
test cardio beginner
Full Body Fat Burner cardio intermediate
The Burner cardio intermediate
Abs 8 Pack core advanced
Abs at home core beginner
Abs at Park core beginner
Abs at PullUp Bar core intermediate
Abs at Park Medium core intermediate
Home Intermediate Abs core intermediate
Abs and Core Chazy core intermediate
300 full advanced
Piece of Cake full advanced
Explosive StreetBarz full advanced
Six Mix full beginner
Full Body Girls full beginner
Routine 4 Girls full beginner
Home Full Body full beginner
Rotina Feminina full beginner
On the Go full intermediate
Killer Kiwi full intermediate
Lucky Number 7 full intermediate
Full Body 7R full intermediate
No Barz No Glory full intermediate
Body Shock full intermediate
Home Full Body Strength full intermediate
Full Body Shock Girls full intermediate
Can't Walk lower advanced
Meckanimal Leg lower advanced
Leg Routine lower beginner
Leg Burner lower intermediate
Leg Routine Intermediate lower intermediate
Get Stronger to Muscle Ups tricks beginner
Muscle Ups Hunt tricks intermediate
Human Flag Hunt tricks intermediate
Back Lever hunt tricks intermediate
Front Lever Hunt tricks intermediate
Planche Hunt tricks intermediate
Aztec Pushup upper advanced
Flying Superman upper advanced
Max Rep Hell upper advanced
Muscle Up Boost upper advanced
Shoulder Demolition upper advanced
Advanced Pushup upper advanced
Upper Dusan upper advanced
Turtle Back upper advanced
Strength Control upper advanced
Basic Beginner upper beginner
Back and Biceps upper beginner
Triceps Limit upper beginner
Pull Push upper beginner
Shoulder Routine upper beginner
Chest Routine upper beginner
Let's Go upper beginner
Pushup Hell 4 Girls upper intermediate
Chest and Triceps upper intermediate
Chest Addict upper intermediate
Back Indian Routine upper intermediate
Dip and Push upper intermediate
Pull it upper intermediate
Push Dose upper intermediate
Biceps Back Routine upper intermediate
Shoulder Push upper intermediate
Lada Upper Body upper intermediate
Arm Routine upper intermediate
Pavle Upper upper intermediate
Diamond Pull upper intermediate
Hard Body upper intermediate
Upper Back Biceps and ABS upper intermediate
Parallel Bars Routine upper intermediate
Trapezius Routine upper intermediate
Standard Warmup warmup beginner